18 September 2012

FREE Theatre - DREAM OF PERFECT SLEEP by Kevin Kautzman, a staged reading (Monday, Sept. 24 @ 7:30p)

FREE: Ticket cost $0. Suggested for ages 17 and over. 

DREAM OF PERFECT SLEEP Synopsis: This play takes the audience through Christmas-in-July, down to the Underworld, and back up again into the "calling it quits" lives of an elder couple, Gene and Mary, and their contrasting children, Melissa and Robert. 

Loaded with light humor, and strong drama, this staged reading invites the audience to engage their own morality before its time is up, and the complexity of accepting the journey we all will take o
ne day: death, and living up to it.

Throughout the play Mary struggles with many dizzy spells and episodes where she finds herself in the "underworld". As her life continues to spiral more and more out of control, we see the deterioration of a once intelligent and vibrant woman. Gene has his own struggles with the simple trials of old age and the living-lose of his of wife and family. Melissa and Robert, their son and daughter, are on their way back home to visit for this odd Christmas dinner in July. The siblings are caught off guard when their their father, Gene, informs them that he and their mom have decided to "call it quits". As Melissa tries to support her parents in their decision, Robert is unable to accept the news.

AUDIENCES are encouraged to engage the actors, director, and provide feedback to the playwright on the experience!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact Information:
Those who have questions about the staged reading are encouraged to contact Jeremy Lewis, Associate Artistic Director at 330-453-7619 ex: 500 at the Players Guild Theatre.

This project is supported by the Ohio Arts Council and the Wal-mart Foundation. The Players Guild Theatre is generously supported by Arts in Stark, the Repository, and the Ohio Arts Council.

29 August 2012


137 plays were submitted, sorted, read, and now.... selected for our Staged Reading and Script Workshop programs.  The WINNERS are:   

DREAM OF PERFECT SLEEP by Kevin Kautzman - Staged Reading to be held on September 24, 2012 at the Players Guild Theatre's William Fry Arena Stage.   This FREE Staged Reading is open to the public and will be directed by Cassey Martin.  DREAM OF PERFECT SLEEP is an outstanding four person play that explores the cliff's edge of life and the jump into death.  SAVE THE DATE:  SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 at 7:30 PM.  

IT'S NOT ME, IT'S YOU by Jason Tarr - Script Workshop to be developed in private artists workshops at the Players Guild Theatre Rehearsal Studio.  The Guild is opening its doors to Ohio playwrights in need of time and space and feedback.  IT'S NOT ME, IT'S YOU comes from Jason Tarr's stand-up comedy material and is being "translate" to stage as a two-hander (that means a two actor play) that is FUNNY and gets the audience ENGAGED!  

Congratulations to Kevin and Jason on their outstanding plays!   

We will be announcing the PRODUCTION selection on October 7.  Three plays are in the final running for the production in Summer 2013.  

20 June 2012


Greetings Playwrights,

We are in the trenches of insane amounts of reading for over 130 scripts.  The goal is to announce
script selections at the following times.

PRODUCTION:  Mid / Late July, 2012
STAGED READING:  Early/Mid July, 2012
SCRIPT WORKSHOP:  Early July, 2012

Thank you for you patience.  Select playwrights, as a part of our review process, will be provided
script feedback via a standardized form.  Only 10% will be provided this feedback and based
upon our play readers' discretion which plays will receive the feedback.  Please, do not ask for feedback
during the process as we are unable to accommodation the request due to our daunting ask.      

From the artist office at The Players Guild Theatre, thank you all for your hard work and dedication to
the growth of American Theatre and your own craft.


Jeremy Lewis

17 May 2012


Sitting here in Philadelphia, PA reading/sorting through the 143 plays submitted to our New Play Conservatory Program.  My goal:  To discover at least three (3) outstanding plans to produce and development.  I am looking to PRODUCE one new full length play in our 2012 season, provide a STAGED READING of a new script this summer 2012, and provide at least one new script a private SCRIPT WORKSHOP that will address the growth and strength of scripts with prior development history.  THANKS TO ALL for your submissions.  And thank you for your interest in The Players Guild Theatre in Canton, OH.

Please keep your eye on this blog throughout June 2012 to get updates on play selection.  The process or review your scripts is a large task which we at The Players Guild Theatre perform with great joy.  Sadly, we are unable to provide individual feedback on scripts.